George Sanchez

George Sanchez“I was told a long time ago that you either spend your life running away from who you are or you embrace it. It took me a while, but I did it. I didn’t run from New Orleans, I came home. My humor, my sense of justice, my somewhat skewed view of people and things, like politics, for sure, all come from growing up with among a truly varied cast of characters; drinking coffee and chicory; and eating red beans and rice. Finally, I just said, ‘gimme a hug, I’m yours. Like she always knew I was.”

George Sanchez recalls writing his first poem in the fourth grade, which he still remembers to this day but will not recite. “I’ve written all my life. First poems, then plays. I put fiction aside because a teacher told me I had an ear for dialogue and should write plays. So I did.” During his travels to Europe, he wrote poems instead of journal entries. While a book of poetry may eventually be on his radar, right now George’s focus is writing fiction.

In the first of his “Jeff Chaussier Mysteries” series, George introduces us to Jeff Chaussier, an actor who returns home to New Orleans to investigate his father’s mysterious death. The mystery becomes secondary to the city and the people, which is ironic because, when he started, George resisted the label of “southern writer,” only to discover that is what he is because his primary subject is New Orleans, especially its quirky inhabitants. “You know, we’re not magnolias and mint juleps down here, nor are we crawfish and gumbo. We’re all of that and more, because, it’s the people who give New Orleans its unique ambiance.”

In addition to writing, George spent his working years as a Theater Director for programs in the Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Tammany Parish school systems. Many of his students have continued to work in various facets of theater: acting, producing, performing, and the business aspects of theater…and, though he rejects the idea, many credit him as the source of their knowledge and their conviction that theater deserves respect and dedication.

He has published an original play based on Louisiana’s Governor “Uncle” Earl Long, and co-authored a theater textbook, a travel book and a history of the New Orleans Fire Department.

George resides in the New Orleans area with his family and beloved pug, Miko. He currently writes and produces a monthly cable television law enforcement program and promises new Jeff Chaussier adventures in the coming months.